Queen Henrietta Maria

The top motif shows local Cheddar pinks.


Top Border Motifs from left to right

Residents of Axbridge watching the performance from their windows, overlooking the Square. A pair of scissors for the cutting out of the costumes. A cormorant. A book with the scenes title.

Top Border Motifs from left to right continued

A needle and thread used in the making of the costumes. Sand bags representing the sand that covered the entire town square for the performance. The sun represents the weather on the days of the performance

The Middle

This panel depicts the progression of Queen Henrietta Maria through the area in 1642 as she raised funds and support for her husbands, King Charles I, cause.

Axbridge Pageant Tapestry

The Middle continued.

The scene is set in the Axbridge Town Square and has Queen Henrietta Maria progressing through on horseback, along with one of her ladies in waiting and the rest of the Royal entourage following behind her. On the right-hand side are the townsfolk, both Royalists and Puritans. Axbridge donated twelve shillings to her cause, and the same amount to the Parliamentarians!

Bottom Border Motifs from left to right

The Crowd. A contemporary woodcut of the 1607 Bristol Channel Tsunami in which around 2,000 people died. A King Charles I Gold Triple Unite, a coin of the value of three pounds.

Bottom border motifs continued

A Parliamentarian Roundhead and a Royalist Cavalier signifying the two sides of the English Civil War 1642-51. An Adder, local resident of the Mendips. The Crowd.